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Praise God that He created us in His image in order to do GOOD works. And not just any good works, but good works to further His kingdom!

You are a precious gift my friends, and you have been created out of love with a great purpose!

Happy Sunday!

Today’s PIYO workout was called SWEAT for a reason! I immediately had to hop in the shower because I was dripping with sweat. 😳

This move from the Sweat workout works your entire body. Get into down dog position with hands slightly turned in facing one another. Begin bending knees and crouching down into a push-up. Go back into down dog position and then repeat. Do this for a full minute.

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Let’s get a bit real, shall we? 👀

Life isn’t always a mountain top experience. We don’t always feel all warm and fuzzy about things going on in our lives. We don’t always leap out of bed like a Disney Princess movie, singing songs of how grand life is. Am I right? 💁

But life is about perspective. It’s all in how we see things that either makes us or breaks us. Even when life is not a bowl of cherries and it seems we have been served a bowl of what seems like rotten fruit, we can choose JOY. Yep, you heard me right.

You see JOY isn’t something that is fleeting. I mean true joy. The joy of Christ that resides in those of us who choose to welcome I to our lives and surrender ourselves to Him. That joy far outweighs any bowl of rotten fruit we could ever be served. It motivates us to look UP 🙌 instead of looking down 🙍 and thinking everything is rotten and awful. It causes us to focus more on the blessings than on the schemes of the enemy, and helps us to see that even the valley times can be used for the good.

My friends, I don’t know what kind of valley you have walked through lately or what kind of bowl of rotten fruit you have been served, but what I do know is that The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Great I Am has a beautiful and wonderful plan for you. And whatever the enemy has intended for harm, God will use it for the good if you will let Him.

Let’s make today a JOY-filled fit day!

✳️DOUBLE TAP if you will commit to looking up today!

🌸TAG someone who could use an encouraging word today.

I can remember as a kid wanting the white bread with globs of mayo and plain potato chips whenever I made a sandwich. Boy have times changed. 😂

This sandwich is made with Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, a little all-natural mayo, fresh tomato, lettuce, real sharp cheddar cheese slice, and two slices of ham.

When we feed our bodies the right foods they treat us right. 👍

What is one food item you have enjoyed today that has helped your body treat you better?

Looks like this CORE week. Ha!

This is a great move that doesn’t cause a lot of strain and is not too difficult to master. This is sure to tighten and shrink your belly if done alongside of maintaining the proper nutrition. 😉

Lie flat on your back with arms pointing up towards the ceiling or arms pointing back behind your head. Begin slowly rolling up trying hard to keep your feet on the ground, then roll back down slowly touching each vertebrae one at a time to the floor. Repeat this move for a full minute.

To modify, use your elbows as a support when lifting up and lowering down.

✳️Double tap and comment below if you will give this move a try!


This love focuses on trimming away the muffin top aka “love handles.” Of course, your nutrition will play the biggest role I. Getting rid of excess belly fluff.

Get into side plank, but lower into one knee. Lift the top leg up and bend at the knee, as your extend your arm over your head. Begin taking your knee back and drawing it in to meet your elbow. Do this for a full minute and then switch to the other side.

To modify, leave your top foot on the floor and lift to meet the elbow instead of kicking it back. To take it up a notch or two extend your leg and reach towards your toe, as you bring your leg forward.

✳️Double tap if you want a toned tummy!

Transformation Tuesday:

Over the past few years I have come to realize that my body is a gift from God that should be taken care of in the best possible way. I don’t exercise and eat clean for a certain size or a number on a scale, or for anyone’s approval. I hold@my health as a priority because I want to honor and glorify God.

Take care of your health for the right reasons, not for anyone or anything else.

Who else struggles with lower back pain? Tight hamstrings? Then this move is for you!

As someone who has struggled with lower pain for as long as I can remember, I am always looking for great stretches and exercises that will improve my back strength and work out the kinks.

Start in down dog position, and lift your right leg into an open down dog split. And open down dog split has your belly button poit ing out towards the room (make sure to keep your shoulders pointing down toward the floor though). Hold this position for a few seconds making sure to point the toe and lift as high as you can, in order to get the best stretch possible. Then draw your right leg in and down underneath your chest and lower your chest as much as possible. Hold for a few seconds before going back into down dog.

This stretches out your back, hamstrings, and side of your buttocks/thigh area.

Repeat on other side.

To modify, don’t lift your leg as high and don’t lower your chest as low.

✳️Double tap and comment below if you will give this stretch a try today!

I have been eyeing this journal for a few months now, and my husband finally just ended up buying it for me this weekend. Each day you wrote down something you did that took you out of your comfort zone. Can’t wait to see my comfort zone challenged.

What are you reading right now?

Everybody say SQUAT!

This move works your entire legs and core area. Get into a sumo squat position (wider than hip distance). As you squat down touch the floor. As you raise up, raise up into your toes and point your arms toward the ceiling.

In order to modify this move, don’t touch the floor and don’t raise up into your toes.

Do this move for a full minute.

Are your legs burning yet?

✳️Double tap if you will commit to this move today!

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