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I am a bit OBSESSED with all things Kourtney Kardashian (no, I am not ashamed), so last night’s date night look was inspired by her. From the makeup to the outfit, I went with one of her signature styles. I love getting dolled up and being girly, especially for date nights! What is one of your fashion icons?

The weekend is here and it is an opportunity to be a warrior!

Be a warrior with your health!

Be a warrior with your family!

Be a warrior with your marriage!

Be a warrior with your faith!

Be a warrior by resting in the Shadow of the Most High and allowing Him to work through you.

Double tap if you will commit to being a WARRIOR this weekend!

One of my motivations for eating clean and exercising consistently is to give glory to God. He created me. He breathed life into me. And He gifted me with the body I have. Why would I want to treat His gift like garbage?

I don’t always do it perfectly. I have days where I enjoy foods that aren’t healthy for me and days where I just want to be a lazy bum, but I don’t let those days rule over me. I brush them off and get back on track.

You don’t have to be the best. All you need to do is GIVE your best to Him.

Will you give your best to Him today?

Our society pushes competitiveness. We have to be better than that person. Smarter than the next person. Prettier than that girl. Stronger than that guy. The list goes on and on, but that isn’t how it should be.

The only challenge and competition should be with ourselves. Everyday should be a day where we aim to grow more than we did the previous day.

Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. God designed you differently from them and for good reason. Instead focus on being better than you were the day before. Learn a bit more. Take care of yourself better. Give a little more. Work a little smarter.

Let’s commit to challenging ourselves! Who’s with me?

What comes to mind when you think of the word “strong?”


Lots of muscles?



Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator?

Strong really doesn’t have a set “type.” Strong comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t discriminate between gender or age.

A mother carrying for her children is strong. A student committing to do the hard work in order to get good grades is strong. A man or woman committing to abstinence before marriage is strong. Someone taking charge if their health is strong. The list goes on and on.

God has equipped each of us with the ability to be strong. We don’t have to be the biggest, the one with the most muscles, or a certain gender or age. All we need is the courage to step and do things that take our commitment and focus.

Double tap if you will commit to being STRONG today!

I shared this with my team, and I thought it was just too good not to share. This quote speaks volumes. It doesn’t take one giant step to get to your goals. It takes small steps in the direction of your goals, in order to reach your goals. Often times we want to skip the small steps, and then we wonder why nothing is happening. The small steps cannot be avoided. They must be taken. Everyday. What small steps do you need to take today to start moving in the direction of your goals?

The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness and intercedes on our behalf. Just let that soak in a bit. How awesome is it that even when we feel like we can’t go another step, He is there interceding on our behalf and strengthening us through Himself.

Pre-workout has nothing on the strength and power of the Holy Spirit!

Double tap if you want that can kind of power working in your life!

Because who doesn’t like a yummy, healthy home-cooked meal? Dude, drive-thrus have nothing on home-cooking. I am thankful for a family who will eat what I cook (for the most part), a stove to cook with, food to cook, and a God who provides it all! Friends, enjoy the blessings that God gives each day…even the meatballs. πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸ™Œ

It’s Monday. I know….you really didn’t want the alarm to wake you this morning. Those extra few Zzzzz’s were really desired. And work just doesn’t seem very exciting. School? You mean, the kids have school today which means they will need to be carpooled there and back? Ugh.

But even though today is Monday, it doesn’t have to be a drag. Even if your morning has been one of the crappiest mornings in a long time, make the mind switch right now. Start thinking positive.

Did you wake up breathing? Praise God!

Did you get your workout in? Celebrate it!

Did you have food to eat? Be thankful!

Even though it is Monday, it will still be awesome!

What is one thing you can celebrate this morning?

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